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Set Satellite Location
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How do I search by location?
There are three ways to search for a property by your chosen location:
  • Click on the interactive maps from the homepage and regional pages
  • Type in your destination in the search box from any page
  • Use the location links in the left hand column of the search results
How do I search by availability?
There are two ways to search or a property by available dates:
  • Use the availability feature under the search box from the homepage
  • Use the availability feature at the top o the left hand column of any search results pages
How do I search by price?
To search or a property by price, use the price search option on the left hand column of any search results pages. Simply select the minimum and maximum price you want to pay or your rental.
How do I get my property to be listed first ?
Property is simply listed (or Ranked) based on how up to date your calendar is.
To move to the top of the rankings or the front of the scrolling bar (Premium members only).
Log in to your property and update your calendar, if you have no changes at this time simply select update no change, click done.
Re-launch the main page and you should be able to see the result on next search (or on the scrolling bar if Premium).
How to Set Satellite Location ?
To set your location, log in to your account (Owner login) > My Property > Property Location (Stage 5)Click  Edit >  Where it says your address 
Type in:    town, country
Example:  costillo, fueteventura


Note there must be a comma and a space (as shown above).


Select Hybrid

Zoom in and move the red marker onto your property

Finally Click  Update property Location   - All done.

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Can the owner help me with travel arrangements?
Whilst you are responsible for organizing your own travel arrangements, the owner will be able to advise you about most aspects of your trip including the most convenient airports, local car hire agencies and alternative transport options such as bus or train. Special parking requirements and parking passes should be detailed in the rental contract or pre-arrival information.
What type of pre-arrival information should I expect to receive?
Before you arrive, the owner will provide you with:
  • The physical address of the property and map/driving directions
  • Any access details such as alarm codes
  • Keys, keypad lock instructions or arrangements to meet someone at the rental
  • A name and telephone number to contact in the event of any problems
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If none of the above have helped you resolve you problem please email support@holidayproperty2rent.com and we will get back to you asap.
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